The Duke of Tooth

A young man, Francis, learns he’s the grandson of the Tooth Fairy. But the discovery pits him against the Marquis de Moisson, leader of the Brotherhood of the Femur. The Marquis seeks to overthrow the Tooth Fairy and take her place as the most powerful person in fairydom. And not only that, he plans to use the bones of living children to do it.


Human Edition

The Duke of Tooth E-book in .epub, .mobi, .pdf and html versions

Fairy Edition

Human Edition plus An Isle of Tooth Map, Schematics for the Tooth Tools, and Fozzworth Diplomacy a short story that takes place shortly after the end of the novel (epub, pdf and html/images included by default, kindle available upon request)

Duke of Tooth Edition

Fairy Edition plus two versions of Fiz’s custom ringtone performed by the author and ready for you to use as your own custom ringtone.